Debut Single Available Now
Rock Band from Calgary

Duhaney band is new to the music scene and has released their debut single on Spotify.

Single "Everybody Wants You" Available Now

Release Party

Duhaney played for the first time to a sold out crowd on May 24th. More dates to come.

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About Duhaney

Meet Duhaney: A decade-long musical odyssey shaped by author and composer Greg Duhaney, and composers Rob Spencer and Bryan Craig, Hailing from Manchester, England, living in Toronto, and now residing in Calgary, Greg Duhaney, the creative force behind the band, weaves a compelling narrative. He’s faced challenges like cancer and the loss of his brother to suicide, using these experiences to create uplifting rock music that would guide him through depression and promote positive action in his life.

Duhaney’s compositions delve into timeless themes – classic tales of love, relationships, attraction, and the exhilarating chase, interwoven with narratives of mental health journeys, regret, and missed opportunities. The music also explores breaking through self-imposed barriers, overcoming self-doubt and sabotage, and confronting the fear that often hinders us in our pursuit of a compelling and adventurous life.

Originally a collaboration between Greg and bassist Rob Spencer in 2017, Duhaney has evolved into a trio with the addition of drummer Christian Tempro. Together, they breathe life into Greg’s original compositions, creating a melodic journey that resonates with the complexity of the human experience. Duhaney invites you to embark on this sonic adventure – an exploration of resilience, artistry, and the relentless pursuit of creative expression.

Early Days

Duhaney's origins trace back to 2017, Ignited by Greg Duhaney's musical vision when he approached his neighbor, Rob Spencer, a skilled bassist and musician. Armed with six original songs, Greg sought to bring his compositions to life through recording and production.

The band’s evolution took a significant leap with the introduction of Bryan Craig, a drummer whose innovative tracks added a dynamic layer to Duhaney’s sound. Despite not playing with the band currently, Bryan played a pivotal role in laying down foundational drum tracks that enriched the band’s sonic landscape. His contribution became an integral part of Duhaney’s identity, solidifying the trio’s creative synergy.

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Upcoming Shows

Duhaney played for the first time to a sold out crowd on May 24th. More dates to come.

24 May
Duhaney performs songs from their upcoming EP with guest artists Eden Taylor and S.K Wellington.